Well here I go, my first ever blog.  Its scary stuff and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to my procrastination the last few weeks. 

 So, Personal Assistant to Virtual Assistant how did I jump on this career path and why.

 I spent many successful, happy years in a corporate environment as a Personal Assistant.  I loved the challenge of each role, the diversity, multi-tasking and developing new skills, it never got boring.  My business acumen advanced with each challenge and I witnessed the administrative function evolve from the traditional, stereotypical secretary in to a multi skilled business partner. 

 My career had been rewarding but I had always wanted to be my own boss.  I’m quietly smiling to myself as I write this because I remember a time at first school when a friend of mine objected to me organising the playground game and shouted, ‘no one told you to be queen of England, bossy boots’.  Even in the early years I was demonstrating my organisational skills! 

The next step was to become self-employed doing what I know best.  I started researching freelancers offering administrative services, I honestly didn’t appreciate how big an industry it was.  So many influential, skilled and inspirational people are out there doing it, VA work or to be clear Virtual Assistant Services.

 My first thought, oh my god is there room for me?  I did have that moment of the rabbit in headlights. 

 I felt overwhelmed and felt myself sliding bum first down the snake and ladders board and I was at the bottom rung looking up.  Luckily, I discovered The Society of Assistants and then my coach and mentor Amanda Johnson of VACT, suddenly I realised this is my next step and I’m going for it. 

 So much Information to read and absorb, thinking about building my business plan and marketing strategy, at times I wanted to run and hide but, there is so much support out there and the VACT group I’m part of give a regular hefty dose of encouragement in our support network. 

It reminded me so much of the girls in the office and how we used to support and look after one another.  I love the people in my business, because they naturally live and work by the term ‘collaboration not competition’.  I have a pink pen that sits on my desk which reminds me daily of those very special people I had the pleasure to work with and proud to still call friends today after 17 years. 

 I’m so excited for the future, I get such a buzz when I think I’m helping a person or situation.  I know I can bring value to those out there who need help and support to be . . .  (to quote Amanda Johnson of VACT) “AWESOME”.

 Please get in touch if you think I can assist you and your business.