While I sit in my garden, soaking up the afternoon sun with only bird song ringing in my ears it’s hard to believe COVID 19 happening around us. 

It is a worrying time for everyone, our lives are all affected personal or professional, but I cannot help seeing the positives that could emerge from our current situation.

Life has suddenly become less hectic.  Noise pollution is at a dull roar and is it my imagination, but the air seems cleaner!  

Every business sector recognises the business landscape is transforming, needing a higher degree of digital collaboration and being security conscious and compliant.  As we enter this virtual era there is a need to address long-term business strategies and an overhaul of processes and systems that help harness future success. 

Some businesses comfortable in traditional ways of working have been pulled into 2020 having to adapt their operations into a virtual space.   The positive and creative vibes are infectious as we witness Zoom fitness classes and wine merchants offering virtual wine tasting!! all in the comfort of your own home.  We are all taking part in the digital transformation and being leaders in change collaboration.

For many of us working from home is not a new concept.  I can now demonstrate a VA’s value and benefits exercising virtual interaction and digital channels to support businesses not familiar with cloud-based systems, E signature software and document sharing technology.  Hiring a virtual assistant establishes the need for flexibility who can use an array of skill sets to declutter and focus on what is important to your business.

Businesses can operate efficiently without needing office space, delivering a positive impact on our environmental footprint.  Employees are fully engaged, focused and productive when given the opportunity of work/life balance.  We all need to keep operating and be competitive so only by changing our working patterns, evolving and adapting can we make a difference and contribute.

Of course, digital is not a replacement for human connection, team spirit and community, but you can achieve an engaging network using communication channels such as Zoom, Whatsapp, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Hangouts etc. to align ideas, share content or just to simply ask how that person is doing?

No one knows where 2020 will lead us but I choose to see change as a positive.  When we go to sleep at night, I want to dream less of what time to get up in the morning to avoid traffic but more on our bandwidth and wishing for full fibre broadband, super-fast technology?   I never thought I would say this!!

Stay safe everyone, appreciate the simple things in life and embrace the challenges around the corner.